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Our hair accessories are totally handmade, hand carved and wood burned by hand also. After hand carving the piece, we sand it by hand with several grits of sandpaper to a very silky smooth finish. It is then that we take a good, long look at it and decide if we’ll wood burn it (also by hand) or if we leave the beauty of the wood speak for itself.

When we design our hair accessories we aim to give you the ability to keep your hair up with style and ease, while enjoying the traditional, natural and eco-friendly materials like wood, instead of giving in to common plastic and metal. Style, ease and originality all in one simple, gorgeous hair accessory.

About the Wood:
We prefer to use cedar wood, linden wood, olive tree wood or alder wood, although we also have other types of wood at hand. Our wood always comes from sustainable sources. No tree has ever been cut down to supply our needs. We source the wood from local gardeners and lumbermen, so it comes from pruned trees or from trees that died standing. This accounts for some natural variations in the wood color or grain. Also, our friends all know what we do, so once in a while, when they tend to their gardens and trees, we get some wood as a present!

About maintaining your hair accessories:
We strive to use only natural, eco-friendly materials in our pieces. We want to be sustainable in every way possible, so we use materials that will not harm us, the wearer or our planet. Our hair accessories are finished simply with beeswax and hand polished until we achieve a smooth glowing appearance.

If you notice the wood on your hair toy getting dry or looking less shiny, just apply some beeswax, let it dry for about an hour, and rub it with a soft cloth. While you rub the wood with the cloth, make sure to produce some heat, in order to make the beeswax blend with the wood and produce that soft glow it had when you received it.

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