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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Soon... We're going on vacations!

We have temporarily disabled our Made To Order section. We are preparing to go on vacations, so we need time to finish the orders we have already received. Also, we're trying to prevent getting orders that will have to be delivered during our vacations. We want - and desperately need - real vacations this year... something that hasn't happened in three years.
We have closed our long termed orders and we'll be closing the shop for vacations later this month. We wish to go away with our three kids and not have to worry about the shop, carving, wood burning, sanding, polishing, replying to emails or having to go to the Post Office, posting on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and...
We're going on vacations. Period.
It will happen from the 22nd August until the 13th September. We look forward to returning to you with our batteries fully charged and our heads teeming with new ideas and designs!

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